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BANNOCKBURN RIDING ACADEMY - "No one can teach riding so well as a horse"
Our Riding School horses and ponies:
Jock is our 12hh, 10yr old chestnut, Welsh pony gelding. He is very cheeky, extremely well behaved and is our "star" pony. He does riding lessons, treks, pony rides and takes a few of the children around the show ring.
Yogi is our 6yr old,  11.2hh Black roan pony gelding. He completed his first competitive season in May 2015 where he was a champion and reserve champion riding mount. He is a super sweet, honest boy. Yogi is used in the riding lessons, small trek, pony parties and shows.

Ken is our 9yr old, 15.3hh TB gelding. He is a rich chestnut with a real gentle nature and is an absolute gentlemen to ride. He is used for all of our riding services.

Dez is a 12yr old, 16hh Bay TB Gelding. He has evented to Pre-training and Training levels but is now enjoying a nice quiet life in the riding school teaching riders of all ages and abilities to ride.

Gypsy is a 10yr old, 15.1hh Chestnut TB Mare. She has been a polo horse in her younger years and then a much loved trekking/general riding horse. She is a lovely ride, loves jumping, fabulous trekking anywhere and is thoroughly enjoying her pampered life in the riding school.

Dolly is our 20yr old, mini paint pony Mare. She is a typical cheeky pony to catch, but is an absolute babe to do anything with. Fantastic with little tiny tots learning to ride.

Our retired horses & broodmares:
"Empire Queen",  known as Bonnie is a 26year old dark bay thoroughbred from the "Nijinsky" racing bloodline. She raced until she was 5 years old then became a broodmare for the next 5 years until we bought her in 2001. Beatrice took her to pony club and did the occassional ODE. She is the BOSS mother of all our horses. When they're in trouble they go see her!
Smokey a 16 year old Flea bitten grey thoroughbred from the "Sir Tristram"  racing bloodline. She never raced and unfortunately could not be ridden due to an injury when she was being broken-in. We rescued Smokey from a sad future she had in place.
Davro is a 18 year old Bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is an ex race horse and my retired Show Jumper/Eventer. Davro is a big GOOF! He likes to play tag, hoofball,  roll in massive puddles, loves cuddles & is now our baby sitter of the young and turned out ggs. He does come in for an occasional trek too.  
Finnigan is our 17 year old retired eventer.  Finn was competed successfully at Pre Training level, he was known as our x-country machine.  Finn is now enjoying life as a pleasure riding hack and best friend to Davro.

Our Stallions:
Thomas is our 6yr old Kaimanawa Stallion. Thomas came out of the Kaimanawa ranges in May 2012, wild & scared. He is a super chilled out dude, Very cheeky, cuddly and handsome. He's a very gentle boy that he lets tiny children catch, lead, brush and sit on him. Thomas is now due to be broken in and will be used in the riding school by older advanced small riders to school him and compete him. 
Friday is our 5yr old Clydesdale x Stationbred Stallion.  He is a stunning paint and he knows he is stunning. Friday has just started his training under saddle and has been completely broken in by one of our Students under Beatrice's supervision and guidance. Friday is such a laid back boy, he will be our Sporthorse breeding stallion later this year.

Timber is our 2yr old Clydesdale x Quarter horse Colt. He is a beautiful red bay with a big blaze and 4 white socks. He has also just started being broken in to a light backing stage before winter. He will be turned out over winter and then brought back in to finish his breaking in under saddle. 

Other loveable creatures:
Poppy the cheeky collie x dog.
Khan the noisy German Shepherd dog.
Bertie the naughty beagle dog.
Chayse the spaz Border Collie x Hunterway.

Max the giant dopey Mastiff / Great Dane x collie.

Ginger & Spice the adventurous Kune Kune Pigs.

Gismo the hilarious British Alpine Goat.

3 cats and  lots of chickens!
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