BANNOCKBURN RIDING ACADEMY - "No one can teach riding so well as a horse"
Horse Riding Lessons:
Our riding lessons are designed to teach you not only how to ride but to teach you horsemastership, what you need to know to own a horse. We offer this service to riders from 3 years of age, it doesn't matter if you have no experience or if you want to expand your knowledge and experience. We welcome riders of all abilities - nervous riders, confident riders, competitive riders, pleasure riders or riders with learning or mild physical disabilties.
Our lessons cover learning how to:

  • Catch, Brush & Saddle
  • Day to day care & Feeding
  • Basic Farrier & Veterinary knowledge
  • Ride from the most basic skills to the more advnaced skills of riding dressage, show jumping, playing games on horse back and bare back riding.
  • De-sensitizing your horse/pony from the ground.
  • Children will work their way through certificate levels that follows the pony club certificate programme
Maximum of 6 riders per group lesson, we like to keep our groups small for safety reasons and so that the riders have our full attention, getting the most out of their lesson.  Private one on one lessons are available too.

1 hour After school Group lessons:
Mon - Fri:                        Summer hours start from
                                           3.00pm & last lesson at 6pm

                                           Winter hours start from
                                           3.00pm & last lesson is 5pm                    
Saturday:                        Starts from
                                           8am & last lesson is 3pm  (All year)
1hour Private lessons:
Mon-Fri:          Between the hours of 9am & 6pm  (Summer hours)
                           Between the hours of 9am & 5pm  (Winter hours)  
Saturday:        Between the hours of 8am & 3pm  (All year)

1/2 hour lead rein lessons:

Mon - Fri:       Between 9am & 4pm

Saturday:       Between 10am & 1pm

 Lesson Price list:  
Group lessons (Max of 6 riders)             Child:     $50.00
                                                                        Adult:    $60.00
Private lessons:                                          Child:    $60.00
                                                                       Adult:    $70.00

Lead rein lessons:                                     Child:     $30.00

                                   Price is per lesson, per person

Cancellation policy:

If for any reason you cancel your lesson in less than 24 hours of your booked lesson time or you fail to turn up then you will be charged for the full cost of your lesson price
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