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Chilrens Birthday Pony Parties:
How would your child like a pony party for their birthday?

How would you like to have a stress free day where you don't have to set up, cook or clean up?

If this sounds like the perfect party for you then book with us today!

Our parties are extremely popular offering 3 party options:
Option 1:     $200.00 +gst
Includes: 1 pony for 1 hour of pony rides and 1 pony for petting & 2 handlers.
                  Total duration 1 hour & maximum of 8 children.
Option 2:     $280.00 +gst
Includes: 2 ponies for 1 hour of pony rides, 2 handlers, venue hire, fully
                  catered including drinks - see food list as below.
                  Total party time 1.5 hour duration & Maximum of 15 children.
Option 3:    $340.00 +gst
Includes: 2 costumed ponies & 2 costumed handlers for 1 hour of pony rides,
                   1 hour of venue hire, decorated to the selected theme (see theme list
                   as below) & Fully catered including drinks - see food list as below.
                   Total party time 2 hours duration & Maximum of 15 children.

* Extra children for Options 1 is $4 per child*
* Extra children for Options 2 & 3 is $8 per child*
* Extra food for Options 2 & 3 can be arranged & priced accordingly*

Food choice selection - 3 Sweet & 3 Savoury:
SWEET                                             SAVOURY
Mini Cupcakes                                Meatballs                                            
Fruit/Lollie kebabs                        Chicken nuggets
Fairy bread                                      Mini Sausage rolls 
Picklets                                              Mini pizzas 
Chocolate crackles                          Cheerios
Fruit Jelly                                         Mince Savouries
Chocolate brownie                          Mini Springrolls
Biscuits                                              Sandwiches - filling of your choice

Theme choice selection:

Western - Cowboys / Cowgirls
Unicorn / Fairies
Princess / Frozen
Garden Tea Party
Santa's Grotto - (Available December only)

* The Venue for pony rides is in our outdoor arena *
* The party Venues are either in Marquees or in an indoor party venue - weather dependant on what venue you have *
* Toilet facilities on site *

* Catering for Adults is available with 3 different options - $8 per head gives you 2 food item, $10 per head gives 3 food items & $12 per head gives 4 food items.  The food items are different from the childrens menu unless that is what you want. Enquire for other adult menu *

* We are available to design and print Invitations*
sneak peak of one of our party themessneak peak of our handlers in the costumes for a pony party


Cancellation policy:

If for any reason you cancel your Booked Pony Party 7 days prior to your booked date then you will not be refunded your 50% deposit.
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