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Instructor / Owner: Beatrice Ablett (Bea)

Bea has been riding and working with horses for 24 years. She has worked with Horses and Ponies from foals to yearlings, breeding mares to stallions and miniatures to giants of all breeds and from all disciplines.  

Bea has worked in:

Racing Stables, handling and riding the Thoroughbreds ("v8s") of horses. Experienced the wins, the losses and the long hard hours of the fast and furious Horse Racing Industry!

Hunting Yards, Riding and Handling the young to the experienced horses. Exercising and schooling them to keep them fit and healthy for the Huntsmen, to perform for the long Hunt ride and sometimes unpleasant terrain.

Bea worked for a professional Breaking-in company for 5 years riding and schooling the Break-in's. She has had the pleasure to ride all breeds and sizes; From the Welsh Show ponies, to the racing Thoroughbreds, Hunting Warmbloods, Elegant show Holstieners and Hanovarians, Clyde X Eventers and Hacks and our New Zealand Wild horses - the Kaimanawa's.

Bea worked in a Riding School for 3 years and ran/managed the school for 13 months. She was the stable hand and riding instructor, following out the duties of catching, grooming, saddling and feeding between 20-26 horses for after school riding and weekend lessons. Bea enjoyed teaching the Young "Im not sure" children, to the "I can do anything" teenagers, to the Cautious "I'll give it a try" Adults; so much that here we are inviting you to come and join us at Bannockburn Riding Academy to have a go at riding our ponies and horses to learn and have fun in our safe environment.

For the past 20 years Bea has broken in and trained young horses for private individuals along with being a mobile riding instructor and horse exerciser. However now she has hung up her reins on breaking in horses but stills trains.

Volunteer Helpers:

We have a handful of wonderful Volunteer helpers here at Bannockburn Riding Academy. Our Volunteers are here to help us during the school holidays to lead any young children on the ponies, lead ponies around for pony rides or for any event such as Birthday Pony Parties or offsite events, help with catching, tacking up, feeding out, mucking out stables, sometimes to help ride or exercise the ponies or horses.... and in return we provide our volunteer helpers with lessons, treks, furthering their experience and knowledge with horses and a select few have the opportunity to take out some of our horses to competitions.

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